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Acorn Paper offers a broad range of tape products. We stock tape from the largest manufacturers in the industry such as Intertape, Shurtape, and more. We also feature Predator brand, which is exclusive to Acorn Paper Products. Below is a list of tape products that we have available:

Pressure Sensitive Carton Sealing Tape

Pressure sensitive carton sealing tape comes in the 3 most common adhesive types, which are acrylic, hotmelt rubber, and natural rubber based.

Acrylic adhesive carton sealing tape is best for low temperature application, has firm unwind, excellent aging and clarity, excellent quick tack to box, is printable and UV resistant.

Hot melt adhesive carton sealing tape has strong tack, high bonding, good aging, consistent unwind, is good for machine application, and is moisture resistant.

Natural rubber carton sealing tape offers fast positive bonding on problem applications such as high-recycled content cartons, rough or ultra-smooth cartons, heavy ink coverage, dusty and/or dirty environments, humid conditions, and temperature extremes. It also has moisture resistance and firm unwind.

Water Activated Paper tape is an all-purpose sealing tape made from a single piece of kraft paper coated with a flexible layer of water-soluble adhesive. Reinforced gummed tape provides the fastest and most secure way to close boxes and protect the contents. Extra strong fiberglass yarns are bonded between the high tensile strength sheets for an extra measure of strength.

Industrial Tape

Paper masking tape is designed for performance in a variety of applications including masking, holding, light duty splicing, bundling and packaging.

Filament tape delivers superior adhesion for a variety of light to medium bundling applications. It also is used for pallet unitizing.

Paper flatback tape is designed for a variety of packaging, splicing and tabbing applications, providing a quick, positive seal under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

Double-coated tape is best for mounting, holding, splicing, tabbing and fastening when an aggressive adhesive is needed.

Custom Printed tape is also available.

For more information on Tape Products or for a quote, please contact an Acorn Certified Packaging Specialist.

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