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Acorn Paper offers the most cost effective and technologically advanced stretch films that include features such as high yield, superior puncture and tear resistance, clarity and consistent cling.

Stretch film (or stretch wrap as it is commonly known) is a high elongation, polyethylene based film that is used to unitize and protect products during storage and shipment. Stretch film is used to unitize a number of small, individual items into large unit loads (normally on a pallet).

Product Benefits of Acorn's Stretch Film Line

  • Offers excellent product protection and keeps product clean.
  • Acorn's high quality films allow you to wrap a large number of pallets per roll of film, which lowers your total expenditure for stretch film.
  • Provides an unequaled load holding force without damaging or adhering to the product.
  • Reduces the cost of secondary packaging.
  • Automatic stretch film machinery can be used as a step in an automated packaging line, to increase efficiency and output.

Stretch film is available in 3 main types: Cast Film, Blown Film, and Metallocene Film.

Cast Film Properties:
  • Consistent cling
  • Clear
  • Gloss
  • More resistance to tearing
  • Quiet unwind
  • Excellent optics
  • Consistent film thickness

Blown Film Properties:
  • Greater puncture resistance
  • Hi force on load, stiff
  • Hazy
  • Dull
  • Noisy unwind

Metallocene Film Properties:
  • All Cast film properties
  • Higher force on load
  • Greater puncture resistance

Types of Stretch Film

We stock high force stretch film designed to provide high load containment values.

  • Most commonly available in gauges ranging from .6 mil to 3.0 mil.
  • Machine grade films: Available in a variety of widths ranging from 10-70 inches, carrying 250% stretch levels on High Performance Films, 200% on most Moderate Performance Films, and 150% stretch on Low Performance Films.
  • Hand Stretch Films: Traditionally offered from 10-18 inches, with high performance due to their formulation offering maximum load retention, reducing neck down.
  • Convenience or Specialty Films available from 2-20 inches
  • Banding film is plastic stretch film that holds anything, any shape, replacing tying, taping, by banding, making your bundles secure and tamper resistant for easier, safer handling.

Types of Load

There are two factors which determine load type — weight of the load and uniformity of its surface. In stretch film parlance, load types are distinguished by the first three letters of the alphabet: "A" loads have no irregularities. "B" loads have protrusions up to 3 inches, and "C" loads have protrusions over 3 inches.

Load Weight

  • Fragile loads less than 1,000 lbs may require a thinner film to avoid crushing.
  • Extra heavy loads greater than 2,000 lbs may need a thicker gauge film to provide added strength and holding force.

For more information on Stretch Film Products or for a quote please contact an Acorn Certified Packaging Specialist.

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