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Shrink film guarantees your packaging looks its absolute best, while providing unmatched durability, versatility and value. Acorn Paper offers Intertape Polymer Group's complete product line of lighter, 45-gauge films that will increase your yield by 25 percent. These films offer advanced Cross-Linking technology, which enables sealing on all types of equipment across a wider range of temperatures, and improves burn-through resistance ensuring the best possible package. Intertape's films also offer prevention of buildup on wires and knives during sealing. These and other benefits are found in a complete product line for any application.

Intertape continues to bring new and improved products to market, and Acorn's experienced team of technical sales professionals can help reduce packaging costs, improve package appearance and increase output. Intertape's Exfilmplus has been improved to provide better overall shrink performance and seal strength for any application. It is ideal for multi-packs, heavier products, and items that encounter extreme shipping and handling.

Acorn Paper has become one of the leading distributors of premium shrink film in the packaging industry. Acorn Paper offers a wide variety of shrink films including Intertape's other grades for specialty applications and other film brands.

We also offer an extensive line of shrink film equipment and replacement parts. If you purchase your shrink equipment and shrink film from Acorn, we can customize a service agreement that would include 24x7 on-site support.

For more information on Shrink Film Products or for a quote please, contact an Acorn Certified Packaging Specialist.

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