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Welcome to the new Predator Brand Facility Maintenance Program that Oak Paper Products Company has designed to meet the needs of consumers looking for innovative and price conscious private label janitorial/sanitary products.

You will find our list of chemicals that will compete with any other product you are currently buying in the marketplace but will be substantially more cost effective and easier to use.

Predator Brand customers will find tremendous benefits from purchasing these private label products in the high level of performance, quality of the products, and the ability to reduce their annual overall janitorial/sanitary spend. Oak Paper Products Company continues to be a market leader in product innovation, and strives to find new ways of creating and transforming our private label products to fulfill the needs of our customers.

Below all of the chemicals, you will find downloadable MSDS sheets that will encompass all of the necessary information regarding the respective products.

For more information on Predator Brand Products, please fill out our contact us form here, contact, or contact your local Acorn Sales Representative.




Shine-X can be used on all glass and mirror surfaces. Product quickly dissolves smudges while leaving a brilliant shine. 

#600201004 4 gal./cs. Ready-To-Use MSDS


Brillo multipurpose cleaner gets the job done on a variety of surfaces while leaving a pleasant lavender fragrance.

#600176204 4 gal./cs. Suggested Dilution: 4 oz./gal. MSDS


A mild-to-use hand soap that will leave your skin with a pleasant pina colada sent.

#602102604  4 gal./cs. Suggested Dilution: 4 oz./gal. MSDS


A cost-effective and mild lotion soap

#602103504 4 gal./cs. Ready-To-Use MSDS


Pleasant, lemon-scented cleaner designed to be used on floors and other hard surfaces.

#60017604  4 gal./cs. Suggested Dilution: 4 oz./gal. MSDS


Powerful cleaner that can be used on a variety of surfaces. Leaves a fresh, clean scent.

#600127704 4 gal./cs. Suggested Dilution: 4 oz./gal. MSDS


A multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser designed to remove even the toughest grease and stains.

#600186004  4 gal./cs. Suggested Dilution: 4 oz./gal. MSDS


A ready-to-use foaming hand soap designed to leave hands feeling soft and clean. 

#602104404  4 gal./cs. Ready-To-Use MSDS


A ready-to-use, antimicrobial hand soap designed to kill for a wide variety of harmful microorganisms.

#602103904  4 gal./cs. Ready-To-Use MSDS



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