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Welcome to the Predator Brand Information Page!


Predator Brand is a full line of private label products from Oak Paper Products Company that offers cost savings and high end quality solutions to customers in the janitorial/sanitary marketplace. 


  • Carton Sealing Tape — when you want Carton Sealing Tape with a Bite! 
    • Acrylic Adhesive
    • Rohm and Haas Acrylic Adhesive
    • Hot melt Adhesive
    • Natural Rubber Adhesive
  • Stretch Film 
    • Standard Gauge
    • Micron Film
  • Complete Facility Maintenance Program (link to landing page)
    • Shine-X Glass Cleaner
    • Brillo Lavender Cleaner
    • Pina Colada Hand Soap
    • Pink Lotion Hand Soap
    • Lemon Neutral Cleaner
    • Sani Pine Cleaner
    • Heavy Duty Degreaser
    • Ultra Foam Hand Soap
    • Antimicrobial Hand Soap
  • Trash Can Liners
    • High Density
    • Low Density

Predator Brand customers find tremendous benefits from purchasing these private label products in the high level of performance, quality of the products, and the ability to reduce their annual overall janitorial/sanitary spend. Oak Paper Products Company continues to be a market leader in product innovation, and strives to find new ways of creating and transforming our private label products to fulfill the needs of our customers. 

For more information on Predator Brand Products, please fill out our contact us form here, contact, or contact your local Acorn Sales Representative.




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