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Biodegradable Air Pillow
Low Environmental Impact Line
Bio Pallet Stamp

Acorn Paper is an industry leader in the Green movement, based on our strong commitment to initiatives related to environmental issues, and is actively engaged in the process of expanding our already extensive and diverse product lines with the latest biodegradable and eco friendly packaging products.

Our corrugated box production and design has evolved as the movement to produce products that are more environmentally friendly has occurred. We have sought to reduce the amount of materials used in the production of corrugated boxes. Using high performance liner board is now possible, with a corresponding significant overall reduction in paper basis weight, which results in a significant source reduction of raw materials.

Our corrugated boxes contain high percentages of secondary fiber (old corrugated containers — OCC). The recycled content of our corrugated boxes usually ranges from 40% to 70%. Boxes produced from 100% recycled board can be provided upon request. Some of our other products contain secondary fiber in the form of kraft paper and old newspapers. The use of secondary fiber diverts materials from the municipal solid waste stream.

When possible, we prefer to use water-based inks for printing graphics on corrugated containers. We try to avoid the use of lead-based materials that can pollute. Our manufacturing division bales its corrugated waste material, which is later recycled and converted into roll stock to be converted into other corrugated material.

In addition to corrugated boxes, environmentally friendly products currently available from Acorn Paper include these and many others:

  • Biodegradable Flo-Pak brand peanuts
  • Eco-friendly single face corrugated
  • Totally Green Fillpak paper by Ranpak
  • Eco-friendly packing list envelopes
  • Molded pulp interior packaging
  • Polyethylene woven totes with recycled content
  • Sugarcane dinnerware and take out containers
  • Green Seal towels and tissue
  • Brulin eco-friendly cleaning chemicals

Why are we concerned about the environment? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the world population is expanding at a mind- boggling rate. It is estimated that the population will swell to 9 billion by 2050. The world has a fixed amount of natural resources — some of which are already depleted. Some of the greatest threats to future resources come from the things we throw away everyday.

At Acorn Paper our corporate commitment has been and continues to be focused on reducing waste and any harmful environmental impact from the products we produce and sell.

Environmentally Sensitive Janitorial & Sanitary Solutions

Eco Friendly Packaging

At Acorn Paper Products, we have worked hard to create a very successful, environmentally safe janitorial and sanitary product line by following the cleaning industry's best business practices and supporting green cleaning standards. Recent innovations in the cleaning industry have helped to launch the Green Cleaning Movement which ensures safer, healthier, and more productive facilities.

We can now reduce negative impact on personal health and the environment with new technologies that perform equally as well, and are as cost effective as their traditional counterparts. Acorn can provide customers with the Green Seal certified products necessary to conduct business in a fully eco-friendly manner. Our Bay West line of paper products has a full offering of Green Seal certified towels and tissues, along with the new Kimberly Clark Green Seal products. Our Allied West brand features 100% recycled products.

Acorn's ability to respond to environmental concerns, along with our capability to provide customers with an on-site evaluation of needs, next day delivery, and experts in janitorial and sanitary programs, demonstrates that Acorn Paper Products is the right choice to be your one stop source for Janitorial and Sanitary solutions.


For more information on our Eco-Friendly Packaging and Sanitary Program, please contact your Acorn Sales Representative.



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