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(800) 522-2676


Jack Bernstein

Acorn Paper was founded by Jack Bernstein in 1946, after moving to Los Angeles from Chicago, where he was active in the packaging business in the late 1930s. The company started by selling job lot (over-run) boxes with 5 employees in a 11,000 square foot warehouse.

It is now a fourth generation family-owned business. The second generation, Max Weissberg and Dick Seff, entered the business in 1970. The third generation entered the business in later years. David Weissberg started in 1982 and Randy Seff started in 1995. The latest, and fourth generation, Jake Weissberg, recently entered the business in 2013.

Today the company has 250 employees with over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Acorn is one of the 3 divisions of Oak Paper Products Company Inc. Acorn Paper Products operates end user distribution and Oak Distribution Company operates wholesale distribution. The corrugated carton manufacturing division is USCAMD Container & Display.

Within Acorn Paper Products, there are four specialty product divisions. The Creative Services Department, Janitorial & Sanitary Division, Wine Packaging Division, and Agricultural Packaging Division focus on specific product segments.

Locations have expanded tremendously over the years. They include:

  • Corporate headquarters and the main distribution facility in Los Angeles, California.
  • Sales office and distribution warehouse in Sacramento, California.
  • Sales office and distribution warehouse in Napa, California
  • Sales office and distribution warehouse in San Luis Obispo
  • Distribution location in El Centro, California.
  • Manufacturing location in Santa Fe Springs, California.

It has been very important for us as a family business to keep Acorn Paper as a family owned and managed business.



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