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Some of the downloads are in pdf format. To open these you will need either Adobe reader, which is a free download from the link above or Adobe Acrobat.

Stockbridge Amateur Dramatic Society Outdoor Summer Play 2014

The Imaginary Invalid Moliere
Performance dates 17, 18,19th July 2014

This year the Stockbridge Summer Play is an extremely funny Moliere comedy about the follies of Argan, a man in thrall to his doctors and apothecaries. He is selfish, avaricious, and determined that his daughter should marry a man of his choosing –a doctor to be on hand to treat his ailments and save expense!

Of course, the daughter has already fallen in love with another, and with the help of the maid, Toinette, a happy outcome is secured.

The play will be performed this year in a delightful garden in King’s Somborne – there is ample parking at the Village Hall, and if wet we will move swiftly indoors! If fine, it is a wonderful way to enjoy an English summer evening – bring chairs, rugs and warm clothes for the evening chill, and a picnic if you wish – the garden will be open from 6.30pm and the play will begin at 7.30pm. It promises to be a delight!

Tickets are available now on-line at www.stockbridgeamdrams.org.uk and be available from John Robinson’s butchers, The Garden Inn (both in Stockbridge) and Cross Keys Store (in Kings Somborne) from the 1st of June.

Stop the Development of Stockbridge and Surrounding Areas - Protect our Countryside

At the last Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 8th January 37 members of the public were in attendance, the main item on the agenda was what brought them to Longstock Village Hall with the majority of those present detemined to try and stop the proposed development to the West of Test Valley School.

The deadline for the Parish Council to respond to the development was the 17th January, therefore the report to be submitted had to reflect the views of the local community.

The Chairman of the Parish Council opened the meeting stating that at this stage the focus was on three key areas - the visual impact of the development, the assumed economic benefits, and the provision of affordable housing included in the scheme, she also discussed the developers' handling of the' community engagement'.

Each topic was taken in turn, introduced by a statement and then opened to the floor to ask questions or make comment on that aspect.

These comments have now been incorporated into a detailed submission and sent to Test Valley Borough Council.

If you would like to read the document that has been submitted to TVBC it appears in the Parish Council link, Additional Information or it can be down loaded here:

Submission to TVBC with regards to the erection of 46 dwellings and associated works, school access and parking and park and walk car park. Land west of Test Valley School, Roman Road, Stockbridge (Longstock).

Stop the development of Stockbridge and Surrounding Areas - Protect our Countryside

Those of you who have signed the petition at change.org will have received a letter from Caroline Nokes. In this letter she suggests that everyone who feels strongly about this development should write not only to the planning department but to every single person on the Northern Area Planning Committee, to make it easier for many of you I have copied below a list of all those people who are on this committee, each name is a link to their email address - you will notice that Councillor Daniel Busk is a member of this committee, whether you write to him also is up to you!

Councillor Iris Anita Andersen
Councillor Katherine Bird
Councillor Carl Borg-Neal
Councillor Peter Boulton
Councillor Alexander Michael Brook
Councillor Zilliah Brooks
CouncillorJan Franciszek Budzynski
Councillor Daniel Busk
Leader Councillor Ian Carr
Councillor Eleanor Charnley
Councillor Clive Collier
Councillor Benjamin Geoffrey Few Brown
Councillor Maureen Flood
Councillor Peter Giddings
Councillor Karen Hamilton
Councillor Sandra Hawke
Councillor Anthony Hope
Councillor Philip Lashbrook
Councillor Nigel John Long
Deputy Mayor Councillor Jan Lovell
Councillor Christopher Lynn
Councillor James Neal JP
Councillor Philip North
Councillor Brian Arthur Page MBE
Councillor Ian Robin
Councillor Graham Stallard
Mayor of Test Valley Councillor Janet Whiteley

The web page for a list of all meeting and members can be found by clicking this link Northerm Area Planning Committee

Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme

Bringing superfast broadband to communities and businesses across rural Hampshire

Phase 1 of Hampshire’s Superfast Broadband Programme will go live between January and March 2014. BT Openreach will install new equipment across parts of Basingstoke and Dean, Gosport, Hart, and the New Forest, enabling more than 9,000 premises to have access to superfast broadband. Speeds will be a minimum of 24Mbps, although more than 7,300 premises will be able to access more than 50Mbps. For more details of the areas covered, see Broadband maps.

Phase 2 is due to go live between April and June 2014 and we will be publishing a detailed map together with the number of properties that will benefit early in the new year.

Join the campaign

Join the campaign to demonstrate demand in your area which can help increase the number of locations we are able to reach. Once you have registered, we’ll keep you updated about superfast broadband in your area. Click this link to register https://www3.hants.gov.uk/broadband/broadband-signup.htm

Proposed Housing Development
Land West of Test Valley School, Stockbridge

The reaction to the plans by Barratt David Wilson Homes for a 46-house development to the west of the school, presented to the public on 28th January, was unsurprising.  Over 70 residents went to the village hall on 19th March to hear what the developers had to say in response, and how they saw the next stage.

The developers accepted that many details in their publicity had been faulty but, apart from correcting those errors, they had as yet made no changes to the plans, although their thoughts were still evolving as they got feedback.  They were adamant that there was a demand for affordable houses in the area to the number planned, and they talked up the advantages of the new access that would be provided for the school.  The choice of location was dictated by local geography, with little space on which to create sustainable development.

Residents emphasised repeatedly the impact on the local infrastructure (lack of parking; schools and surgery already at capacity; restricted shopping outlets) and the blight on the countryside that would be caused by doubling the size of the Roman Road estate and the extra traffic that would bring; and nobody believed the level of demand for affordable housing here, being convinced that we would become a dumping ground for the Borough.

After an hour and a half, developers and residents were still far apart.  Most here accept the need for affordable housing, but on a limited scale and in the appropriate place.          

Roman Road residents have formed the Roman Road Residents Development Committee and a leaftet has been sent to Longstock residents outlining some concerns with regards to the development.

If you did not receive this document it can be downloaded by clicking here

If you would like to see the proposal all information will be available on the website www.dwhsotoncommunity.co.uk.

Youthtube - the website for young people in Hampshire

Youthtube – the website for young people in Hampshire has been revamped and updated to include a wealth of information about education, training and employment options.

As an online resource, it provides a wide range of information to all young people, including:

  • youth support services in Hampshire, such as drop-ins and youth clubs

  • post-16 education and training options

  • apprenticeships and training providers in Hampshire

  • guides to qualificationsgoing to college or university

  • financial support

  • dealing with exam stress

  • how to find a job and write a CV

  • starting a business

  • volunteering

  • health and relationships

  • how young people can get involved with local decision making.

Youthtube (www.hants.gov.uk/youthtube)

Follow us on twitter @hantsfutures - for information, advice and support for young people in Hampshire

Download the attached A4 poster, which you might like to print and display.

Parish Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Each month the Parish Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes will be available to download from the village website. Each document will be in Adobe pdf format, if you do not have Adobe Reader loaded on to your computer there is a link on the far left hand side of this page where you can download the application. For more information on your Parish Council please visit the Parish Council web pages.

Longstock PC Agenda 25th July 2014
Longstock PC Minutes 25th June 2014

Longstock PC Annual Parish Assembly Minutes May 2014
Longstock PC Annual General Meeting Minutes May 2014
Longstock PC Minutes April 2014
Longstock PC Minutes March 2014
Longstock PC Minutes February 2014
Longstock PC Minutes January 2014

Longstock PC Minutes December 2013

Longstock PC Minutes November 2013 (V2)

Longstock PC Minutes October 2013
Longstock PC Mid Year Forecast 2013/2014

Longstock PC Minutes September 2013

Longstock PC Minutes July 2013
Longstock PC Minutes June 201

Longstock PC Minutes April 2013

Longstock PC Mid-Year Forecast 12-13

Gerald Fitzpatrick

Gerry contacted me many years ago, when the very first website was launched. Over the years he has provided me with many interesting and lovely photos of our village. Even though we have never meet the 'cyberspace' contact we have had has made it seem as if we are old friends.

Gerry has produced a book called 'Childhood Memories of a Hampshire Village' and he has just sent me a copy, it is wonderful, the photos are amazing. The colour photographs were taken by Gerry, some of the black and white images are from negatives taken by David Birkenshaw in the late 1940's and early 1950's and others come from the collection of Longstock resident, Geoff Merritt. Copies of the book can be obtained from www.blurb.com. The cost of the book is the actual cost of production to Gerry, he doesn't make any profit from the sale.

Gerry Fitzpatrick was born over the village shop at the Old Farm House in 1933. His family lived in the village from 1924 to 1948 when the shop was sold. He attended Stockbridge Elementary School and Danemark Secondary Modern School in Winchester. Together with his brother Michael, Gerry emigrated to Canada in 1955 and after attending the University of Toronto and University of British Columbia worked as a town planner in British Columbia and Ontario for many years. He developed an interest in travel writing in the 1980's, contributing to publications in Canada, the United States and Australia as a freelancer and has since travelled to over 60 countries. He has always retained the warmest memories of his childhood in Longstock. Gerry lives in Toronto, has three sons and two grandchildren.

Longstock Village Design Statement

As you know we finally gained approval last year from Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) for the adoption of the Longstock VDS. We have had many comments about the high quality of the photography, map presentation and general layout - a short but concise document concerning the future for Longstock.

TVBC have recently provided a £650 grant for production of some hard copies in booklet form.

Those with computers and laptops and with broadband connection can have good access to this important document either on the Test Valley Planning website or can download from her in pdf format. However some households are without easy access and are therefore unable to see it. we hope to give priority to these homes for the printed copies.

Please apply to the Parish Clerk on musters358@btinternet.com or by ringing him on +44 (0) 1264 810459 should you need a copy.

Click here to down load the VDS

Shopping Bus

Bus pass holder? Over 60 or disabled—even if only temporarily? Want a cut-price trip to Andover with your bags carried to your door?  Dial-a-Ride (Joyrides) runs through Longstock on Wednesdays at 9.30, returning at noon, for £2 return.  Call 356808 to register, or for more information, ring John '810459 or  Dane '810839.

Taxi Share to Replace Buses to Romsey

What is a Taxishare?

It is a public transport service for anyone who needs to travel from Wherewell, Chilbolton, Longstock, Stockbridge, King's Somborne, Houghton into Romsey. The service is similar to a bus service, except passengers need to book in advance and the journey will be operated by a taxi instead of a bus.

Passengers from Longstock may use the service to travel to Romsey on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. The cost of a fare is similar to a bus fare and those with concessionary passes can still use their passes in the same way as they would on a public bus. For full details you can download the leaflet that has been produced by Hampshire County Council by clicking this link '54' Taxishare or visit www.hants.gov.uk/taxishares

Other Transport Information

Test Valley Dial a Ride serves various parishes and can be used by people who do not have transport available as well as people with mobility difficulties. This service runs from Longstock to Andover and return on Thursday's. Telephone 01264 356808 for further information.

Stockbridge Neighbourcare - Serves Stockbridge and neighbouring villages. For further information call 01264 810363 or 0845 094 3713.

Our Community Responders Scheme Seeks New Members

Stockbridge Community Responder scheme is looking for new members to join this vital organisation.  Can you help?

The scheme was set up in 2005 and covers Stockbridge, Longstock, Houghton, Leckford and Sandydown as well as other areas if needed, and really needs your help to continue this service to the community.

Several members have left the scheme and now there is only one volunteer left, who cannot continue alone, so we are looking for new volunteers to start responding for the group as soon as possible.
Community First Responders are trained by South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and are then sent to appropriate life threatening calls by the Emergency Operations Centre before the arrival of an emergency vehicle.

To become a member you will need to attend and pass one weekend of training, hold a full driving licence, have access to a car, pass a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check and be over 18 years old.

If you are physically fit and are able to offer your time for a few hours each week then this could be for you!

To apply please contact 01962 898090.

Mandy Henley, Stockbridge Community Responders Group leader writes: As the last remaining responder I would also like to add that I have been responding since 2007 shortly after my dad passed away. I often wonder if a responder had been on call that day maybe they could have saved him, who knows? One thing I do know is that lives have been saved since then, and this is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done; that said I need support as it is very difficult to keep up the enthusiasm alone.There have been many people in our community who have benefited from our scheme and who have supported it both financially or as members; it would mean so much to me to be able to revitalise this worthwhile scheme.If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer please don’t hesitate to call me on ' 810874.

Below is an email from Richard James who lived in the Longstock vicarage, this was received through our village website Contact page:

Having lived in the Old Vicarage from 1940 to early 1953, it's always a pleasure to read of Longstock, which I do manage to visit on rare occasions as I live in Australia. I remember the Post Office being moved to the spot mentioned in your article, and it was formerly run by Mrs Bookham (who also played the organ in the church)in the front room of the farmhouse, and that's probably why the red phone box is situated just by what used to be the 'side gate' of Ken's house, through which I used to go with fear and indeed trepidation, so that Mrs Bookham could 'dip up' the milk for the vicarage straight from the churnwhich stood on the brick floor of the dairy (in the house). The trepidation was caused by the aggressive rooster which always rushed at me as I went through the gate, or, even worse, as I left with the milk (often spilled & cried over, if he hadn't got me on the way in.... When it was the day for the church fete, Walter Goddard's dad used to collect the chairs and tables from the old village hall early in the morning, and give us all rides from the vicarage on the cart. He must have had the patience of Job (and no doubt the wisdom of Solomon, to handle us rowdy & rather wild children). 

I am still in touch with Gerry Fitzpatrick who was born above the shop at the end of the field by the Peat Spade. In that field we also celebrated Guy Fawkes Night in 1945 at the end of the war with a huge village bonfire - made of wartime-accumulated junk! At that time the licensee was a Mr Blackburn.

Richard's brother, Frank James also wrote that he remembers Mrs Mott, the postmistress, getting lost in a snowdrift up church Lane, she was saved by her dog which alerted villagers to help dig her out.

Richard did some watercolours, they show parts of Longstock village orchard, the stables and one of the vicargage in 1947, he has sent these to me and they will shortly be on the website..

Once again Geoff Merritt has been digging in the archives and found this fascinating article that appeared in the Racing Illurstrated on 22nd July 1896, the article it titled 'The Bibury Club Day. Click here to download the article in pdf format.
We now have a new page on the web site, 'A look at Old Longstock'. I would very much like to thank Geoff Merritt for providing me with an illustrated look of Longstock in days gone by, the photographs are wonderful with Geoff's narative proving very informative. if you would like to download this document in pdf format please click on this link - Illustrative Look back at Longstock
Captain William Lambert, an American pilot, flew with the RFC, 93 Squadron and was based at Chattis Hill, Stockbridge during World War 1. Click here to download the article in pdf format.
Read an article written by Philip Clifford, it featured in The British Racehourse in July 1969 titled 'This was Stockbridge'.  The article, kindly given to the Newsletter by Geoff Merritt, is about Danebury Racecourse. Click here to download the article in pdf format.


Hazeldown's Mysterious Graves - Read about the tiny isolated graveyard on the road to Hazeldown Farm.  Click here to download the article in pdf format.


Gerald Fitzpatrick, who now lives in Canada, wrote an article for a Canadian newspaper, it was titled 'Childhood Memories Flow from Stream' which is written around the River Test.  The article was written some time ago now, not sure of the date.  Gerald and his family had the Longstock Village store from 1928 to 1948.  Click here to download the article in pdf format. A photograph of the store is in the Photo Gallery.

Here is another article kindly donated by Geoff Merritt titled 'This Was Stockbridge', click here to download the article in pdf format.  This article was written in 1969 by Philip Clifford for a publication called The British Racehorse.

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